The Best Inbound Marketers Always Do This

the-best-inbound-marketers-data-marketing.jpgThere are so many different components to run an Inbound Marketing campaign that it can sometimes feel like a sprint to the finish line. You have to prepare your landing pages, your forms, your lead nurturing emails…all this just to get your campaign off the ground.

After your campaign gets off the ground, though, don’t stop working! The best Inbound Marketing experts never rest on their laurels; ensure you do these 3 things to maximize the effect of your Inbound Marketing campaigns. 

1) Check On Campaigns Consistently

It can be tempting to launch the campaign, leaving it to run by itself and only check on the results of your campaign when it ends.

That, however, would be a costly mistake.

Just as it is important during a Google AdWords campaign to always keep an eye on your budget and campaign, you should check on your Inbound Marketing campaign progress regularly. Sometimes, you may have missed a step or two, and that can be rectified quickly at the beginning of a campaign.

2) Use Data Effectively For Segmentation

Data should form the basis of your campaign; that’s what you’re reporting on, after all. So, when it comes to measuring the results of your campaign, don’t neglect the data.

That’s why we suggest regular checks on a newly-launched campaign. By looking at real-time data, you might find out that certain aspects of your campaign are resonating better with audiences. This can help you to redistribute your budget or target your content assets more effectively.

You can also use current campaign data to help segment your audience and inform future campaigns. Perhaps some audiences respond better to eBooks as compared to Webinars, and you want that information for future campaigns.  

3) Run A/B Tests On Campaign Components

When the business world changes so quickly, you have to keep adapting to new challenges. The only way to learn what works? Run an A/B test.

We’ve done this often; if a campaign launches and initial data is disappointing, we’ll tweak the landing page or social post and push that out to see if that works better. Or, we’ll plan to run an A/B test before a campaign launches, by pushing out different versions of pages and emails to audiences in the same segment to see which one works better.

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