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SEO: Can You Beat Wikipedia In Answering Google’s Queries?

Though it may seem like an impossible feat to beat out Wikipedia for Google’s answer box spot, it’s completely doable.seo-wikipedia-google-queries.jpg

See the image below as an example of a website that beats Wikipedia because it created content that was more highly relevant. The example shows a list-based post when I search “how to blog.” This list-based option came up first because it is the most digestible piece of information Google could find on this topic.


This box helps you skip the line and rank even above #1 as a special feature. This can help drive traffic, so try to optimize for this if you can.


“Pages that Google selects for quick answers on our site are high-authority pages with quality, well-structured content that is theme-relevant and optimized for a great user experience, and answer specific questions closely matching the query.”Kirill Kronod


Extracted by Stanley Mak from our e-Book, “18 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2017.”

18 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2017