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Instagram Marketing Tips To Bring Your Page To The Next Level

If you’ve read our blog post on getting started in Instagram Marketing, you would know the importance of posting consistently and interacting with your followers. Learn how to expand your reach now, by using these advanced tips to gain more followers:

1) Engage With Trending HashtagsInstagram_Marketing_Tips_To_Bring_Your_Page_To_The_Next_Level.jpg

While you’re creating your branded hashtags, don’t forget that there are already tons of popular hashtags that are trending. Use the Explore page to look at trending hashtags and examine the captions to see what you can feasibly, as a company, add to the conversation. Use those hashtags in a post or two so that you can be found by people who are engaging with that hashtag.

2) Run Instagram Contests

Engage your followers by running a Instagram contest with attractive prizes. Use a unique branded hashtag to measure participation, and ask for newcomers to follow your page before being included in the contest. You can also ask participants to garner votes through reposts, so that they’ll spread your contest to their own accounts.

3) Add Location Tags

Geo-tagging through the Photo Map helps you target your local consumers in the area. Even users who have never seen your photos will be able to see your photos when they’re scrolling through posts at that location. This can come in handy if you’re hosting or joining events in a location, as you can spread the invite to people who happen to be in the area.

4) Connect With Influencers

If your company is consumer-focused, try partnering with Instagram influencers so you can increase your visibility as a brand. Instagram influencers are social media celebrities who are influential on Instagram and have a large following you can tap into. Look for an influencer who is relevant and appropriate for your target audience, and reach out to them for collaboration opportunities.

5) Express Gratitude To Buying Customers

Showing customer appreciation through Instagram can delight and surprise your existing customers while attracting the attention of other followers. For example, if your brand is tagged in a lovely product post, you can repost it and thank that customer for their support. Potential customers might be more interested in buying your products then.

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