How To Use Google+ To Get More Sales Leads

google+Did you know that the +1 button on Google+ is served more than 5 billion times per day? With the vast reach of Google and its various tools, it seems like common sense to want to exploit its benefits and get more sales leads. And yet, only 40% of marketers utilize Google+.

To help you reap the advantages of this powerful tool, here are 5 steps you can follow:

1) Take note of the keywords that get you found on search

Note down the top 3 keywords that lead people to your site. By being aware of how people are finding you, you will be able to build yourself a solid foundation for prospecting.

2) Identify content topics that relate to the popular keywords

Writing content that your target audience can identify with is the key to bringing new prospects in.

3) Search your key phrases on your Google+ account


4) Identify and follow some people, pages, and communities that could potentially have leads for you

This step can be rather time-consuming, but invest time in being thorough and it will pay off in the future.


5) Engage the potential prospects you have gained

Using the content you identified earlier, you can:

- Add value to pages and people you’ve followed using comments

- Like any content that’s relevant to your business or industry

- Engage with regular contributors in your communities by answering questions or providing useful content

These are just some steps to get you started. After this, put some effort into continually generating leads using Google+, such as by spending time scanning Google+ posts and commenting on relevant content, or working to build solid relationships with regular contributors by responding to their content.

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