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Do You Know Closed Loop Marketing?

Do You Know Closed Loop Marketing?Closed-loop marketing is marketing that relies on customer data and from closed-loop reporting.

“Closing the loop” is just when Sales Department report to Marketing Department about what happened to the leads that they had received, such as the conversion rates. This allows the Marketing Department to better evaluate the quality of their lead sources.

By “Closing the loop” between marketing and revenue, marketers are able to assess whether their strategies are effective or whether their ad budget is well spent.

Corporate marketers in Singapore today have the technology to do so, but few are actually using it to their advantage.

Benefits Of Closed-Loop Marketing

By better understanding which aspects of their website appeal to visitors, marketers can see how well their pages are at converting leads into customers. This in turns improves the website as the marketer will know which pages are performing well (or poorly).

Closed-loop marketing also bridges the gap between the Sales and Marketing teams, allowing for better cooperation between the two. One such closed-loop marketing strategy is the use of Lead Scoring.

To be an effective Inbound marketer, you should be able to trace every lead and customer to their entry point into your Inbound Marketing* platform. This allows you to assess the quality of your campaign in converting leads.

* Inbound marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

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