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Discover 2 Simple Ways To Capture More Sales Leads And Customers!


Sales leads that are generated via Inbound Marketing* are extremely important, because they are the prospects who have indicated an interest in your company or your products. However, many companies in Singapore and Asia make mistakes while trying to close the leads. These leads are either not being contacted on a regular basis, or companies give up on following up with them for various reasons. This closes the door on great opportunities for many businesses in Singapore and Asia.

Most companies make 2 assumptions about 'bad' leads:

  1. Assuming that a prospect places you as a priority, solely based on their expression of interest
  2. Assuming a lead isn’t interested just because they aren’t replying to company emails and calls. This could simply mean they’re busy with other matters at the moment.

With this in mind, here are 2 ways to capture more customers for your business in Singapore and Asia.

1. Follow up until you get a response.

You'd be amazed at how many opportunities are still out there long after many companies have simply given up on trying to close the sales leads. Continue to follow up with the prospect/lead until you get a definite response. If there is no response for a long time period, do not assume that they are no longer interested. Continue establishing contact, and sooner or later, this lead is likely to turn into a customer.

2. Engaging the prospects at the right time.

According to a Lead Response Management study, if you call a lead within 5 minutes of sign-up, your chances of connecting with them are 100x higher than if you call back a few hours later or the next day. The reason is simple: your prospect would still be in front of their computer considering what you have to offer. However, if there is a long break between their sign-up and you contacting them, then your competitor may already have gotten that business. There is a saying that goes, "Money loves speed." Moving fast in this competitive world creates greater opportunities for you in Singapore and Asia. Contacting through a personal email message or a personal call explaining the USP of your product/service will make your lead seriously consider on his/her buying decision.

Follow these 2 strategies to get in touch with your sales leads, and through lead nurturing, eventually convert them into customers, thereby completing the Inbound Marketing funnel.

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* Inbound Marketing is a form of digital marketing in Singapore and Asia that involves SEO, social media marketing, blogging and creating landing pages to generate sales leads.

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