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6 Useful Quotes About Inbound Marketing

We’ve been talking here about Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation and more, but you know what’s better than that?

Showing you others who have embraced (or paved the path to) the Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Permission Marketing route. We’re continuously inspired by these authors, entrepreneurs and marketers. Here’s our six favourite quotes below: 


When it comes to using your website effectively, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah would know what they’re talking about. The co-founders of HubSpot (who coined the term ‘Inbound Marketing'!) have managed to combine Content Marketing with Lead Generation, making Inbound Marketing THE trending term for over 10 years. 


John Rampton is a serial entrepreneur and blogging expert who has nailed the type of content that people want. His blog posts on, and are always relevant and customer-focused, which is perfect for marketing professionals (like you and me).


Inbound Marketing is an investment; it’s always best to do your prep work so that your campaigns will run more smoothly and give you the results you need. And Nancy Duarte, a pioneer in the art of using visuals for better communication, knows this better than anyone.


This is an oldie but a goodie. In his famous TED talk, Simon Sinek broke down the reason why giants like Apple have managed to thrive while other companies fail: it’s all about having a clear Why.

When it comes to marketing to your target audience, this is one quote that you should always keep in mind. 


Seth Godin, the father of Permission Marketing, revolutionized the marketing world (back in 1999) with his book focusing on the Internet Age and the marketing tactics that would take over the world. The focus on the customer, instead of the marketer, influenced so many of our marketing methods today (and infuriated Direct Marketers of that era!) 


We’ve talked about Moz before; it’s always an important bookmark to keep in mind when you’re discussing Search Engine Optimisation. And Rand Fishkin, the founder (and Inbound 2016 speaker!) should stay high on your list of influential marketers, especially when you’re talking about Content Marketing.

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