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6 Types Of Email Content For Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Posted by Nelson Tan

May 23, 2016 4:05:12 PM

6 Types Of Email Content For Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Insofar where lead nurturing is concerned, we learned that the process is conducted via an automated email series. For sure, the emails are written in a specific manner, not filled with sales pitches (these can be included but more sparsely and tactically, to be elaborated in point 2 below), but useful, low-commitment information that culminates in a middle-of-the-funnel call-to-action that appeals to the concerns of the sales leads at the next level.

So what type of email content can you write? We present 6 types for your consideration:

1) Educational email content: At least, being educational is fundamental to getting your leads become familiarized with your business. You could start with some general educational emails that feature content demonstrating the value your company can offer. These emails shouldn’t be sales-driven. for example, the messages could offer people links to more whitepapers, blog articles, and videos that you genuinely believe will be helpful to the recipients’ needs and goals.

If you're a sporting goods manufacturer, for instance, don't just send emails that sell your equipment. Instead, try to teach people new techniques related to working out.

2) Promotional email content: Why not? You can mix in some promotional emails along with the educational ones. There is something called the "loss leader" strategy in which you price a simple product at entry-level price in the hope of building a customer base and securing future recurring revenue.

Just as the purpose of lead nurturing is to cultivate warm leads who are likely to say 'yes', the "loss leader" strategy identifies early-stage buyers who already feel invested in your business so you can target them as a priority in later sales campaigns.

New Call-to-action

3) Best practices email: A variation of the educational content email. Create a theme around best practices that your readers can apply. For instance, if someone expressed interest in learning about nutritional foods, you can send them an email with best practices to maintain a healthy and nutritional diet.

This not only keeps them engaged and anticipating your next piece of communication, by seeing for themselves the result of applying your tips, they will increase their trust and inclination towards purchasing your products or services when you propose to them.

4) Product/service-related emails: Again, this is not going straight into sales pitches. This email series may be considered second-stage, and is accessible only by leads who have signaled their intent to learn more details about your solution.

The emails may contain:

a) description of solution features and benefits
b) description of problems and scenarios the solution aims to solve
c) case studies of solution being applied/results description
d) testimonials for users
e) a call-to-action for solution demo, free trial or face-to-face meeting

5) Personal email: If a lead has gone through the content map, down the sales funnel, and is getting closer to the bottom, it may be a good idea to send a more personal and targeted email, perhaps from a sales team member. That way, they get a more personal touch, have a chance to ask specific questions, and get to talk to a real person rather than being a part of an email group. Humanizing the brand and giving some extra attention can sometimes be just the ticket to converting a potential customer to an actual customer.

6) A list of resources: Lists are always a good way to attract someone's attention because they are easy to read. Some of the best blog articles are, in fact, lists of useful content. You should try out this same approach when setting up your lead nurturing emails. Recipients will most likely engage with your content and check out the suggested resources you have curated for them.

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